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For more information on Geli's blog or the book, Breaking the Bend, check out her sister site: www.rustedlemon.com

The staRVing Artist Tour 

Geli has sold her house and bought an RV and is hitting the road with Brendan & the Strangest Ways. 
Stay tuned for more dates in June and July and if you're in any of these cities, stop by to say hi. 

It's almost here... 

The gang is getting geared up to hit the road this Friday and we're excited to be playing all over Washington, Idaho, and Montana. If you have friends in the area, send them our way and we might even have a special treat. Stay tuned for updates as we start kicking up the dust with our shoes! 

May Tour in WA, ID, MT 

That's right, folks!

I'm hitting the road with Clint McCune (www.clintmccunemusic.com) and Aaron Brouilette during the month of May. We're going to have adventures in Eastern Washington, the ups and downs of Idaho, as well as dip our toe in Montana for a few days to visit the great state. 

The tour kicks off in Moscow, ID at the Renaissance Fair there. We'll be traveling around the state and poking our head back into Washington before jumping into some hot springs and joining the Eagle Island Music Experience in the middle of the month. 

Not only will the adventures continue throughout most of the month, but we're going to be putting that big MF van to the test and traveling with the two dachshund boys. A source of inspiration and unlimited snuggles. Stay tuned as the story unfolds. 

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The Strangest Ways at Pendleton Market

Pendleton, OR


Strangest Ways Hard Rock Happy Hour

Hard Rock Cafe, 116 Pike St, Seattle

Come join Geli and Brendan as they do their last happy hour at the Hard Rock for a little while. They're hitting the road for the next short while, so raise your glass and toast to the music.